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It's naturally beautiful
Malacca wicker,
a wild vine growing up to 100 feet long is found only in the deep jungle of Southeast Asia. The highest species were discovered in the Philippine Islands. Sizes will vary depending on age, from a small thin vine to a rattan palm 1 ¼” in diameter.
The solid natural fiber
is covered with a protective bark, a tough outer layer keeping out moisture, heat and humidity. The vine is used for weaving, baskets, floral arrangements, and interior accessories. Only the premium grade materials will be selected for furniture craftsmanship.
Rare and exotic,
malacca wicker is preserved by the government in the Philippine Islands because the growing vine will absorb all the moisture and water over the mountain to protect against erosion from floods during the tropical rains. It can only be harvested during the season when permitted. Our factory must reserve enough malacca vine months in advance, for custom orders. Due to the limited supply, availability and cost, the unique characteristics of this natural material remain a secret since it cannot be used for mass production. Perfect for outdoor use, it will take the heat and moisture very well, even the Arizona climate.
The natural bark
will not penetrate any type of stain except paint. We use a special marine clear finish sealant to better preserve the malacca enhancing the richness of the grain with a slightly glossy sheen. It can also be “unfinished” for a more rustic appearance. This naturally beautiful fiber, truly unique, can be weaved into furniture designed to compliment your lifestyle.
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